July, 2022

July has been cooler than last year and we spent a couple of weeks at the island of Gotland and visited some new places.

June, 2022

A good month for capturing new species. I went on two boat exceusrions into the Stockholm archipelago and a family trip to Tuscany, Italy. The latter was a holiday, so I did not bring the serious camera gear, meaning the bird photos suffered. Sadly, I dd not get a shot of the Eurasian Scops Owl (Dvärguv), but we heard it every night.

July, 2020

A quiet month for bird watching, but got lucky with the Goshawk family and a couple of bird I had not been able to photograph before.

033 – Tärnor (Terns)

Kentsk tärna (Thalasseus sandvicensis; Sandwich tern)
Fisktärna (Sterna hirundo; Common tern)
Skräntärna (Hydroprogne caspia; Caspian tern)