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This site catalogs the bird species I have photographed. Most pictures are from Sweden, but some from trips abroad. It’s not really a blog, although I will add post for larger bird excursions as separate posts, I will add new bird family posts and modify existing ones only when I have a new species or better images to present.

If you wonder about the numbering of posts (bird families), it’s the order of the species according to the book “Fågelguiden, Europas och Medelhavsområdes fåglar i fält”, 2nd edition. Last in the order you will find domestic birds and birds not found in Europe.

At the bottom of this page you will find:

  • the categories (families) of birds in alphabetical order;
  • tags for each species;
  • recent posts;
  • navigation for the (numbered) order of the book.

In the top menu you can swap between this page and the “blog” page.

A note on the swenglish language used:

  • All the numbered (family) posts provide bird names in Swedish, Latin and English (thanks to Wikipedia).
  • The excursion post are currently in Swedish only.
  • As a non-native English speaker I have probably got a few things mixed up, feel free to comment on such.
  • November, 2022

    2022-12-01 by

    A grayer and cooler month and been busy with other things than birding. But the the Bohemian waxwings came by on their yearly trip south. This year we lack rowan-berries, so apples had to do.

  • The Öland trip, 2022-10-06–09

    2022-10-13 by

    A trip with “Tisdagsklubben” to the south of the Öland island in the middle of the migration season. A wonderful trip, that yielded eleven new “bildkryss” (species).

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sven Carlsson says:

    Nu har du verkligen blivit pensionär och seriös fågelskådare. Fin hemsida. Har du tur så får du en glada i objektivet i Lenk o Europas största gam(glömt namnet)
    Heja Djurgården!!
    Vi hörs snart


    1. tavikayaking says:

      Lammgam tror jag är störst i Europa. Det hoppas vi på!


  2. Tomas Peter says:



  3. Karin K says:



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