2020-09-01–12 Österlen

Another trip down to the south east of Sweden and Brantevik. A short stop outside Alvesta on the way.

June, 2020

With the Covid-19 virus still going, we did not go on any larger excursions. Mainly brought the camera on dog-walks.

March, 2020

Another almost snow free winter with mild temperatures. Now, in March, I have started visiting the bird areas that are a bit more remote (but still in the wider Stockholm area). The early migrants are starting to appear.

037 – Duvor (Doves)

Klippduva (Columba livia; Rock dove)
Tamduva (Columba livia; Domestic pigeon)
Skogsduva (Columba oenas; Stock dove)
Ringduva (Columba palumbus; Common wood pigeon)