May, 2023

At last, the real Spring is here. I will leave for a birding excursion in the south of Sweden in a couple of days, so this entry will not completely cover May.

April, 2023

A typical April this year, almost Summer some days, and snow on others.

March, 2023

Winter returned with a vengance and 20 days of precipitation (snow or rain). Icy paths in the woods and after two falls, I did not bring the camera around that much. We had a single sunny Spring day with +12C as can be seen in the pictures below from Svartsjö.

February, 2023

The Tuesday club has started up and I’ve been on a trip up north as well as brought the camera out bit more.

January, 2023

Not much happening this time of the year. Lakes are often frozen over and many species are on vacation in warmer climate.

November, 2022

A grayer and cooler month and been busy with other things than birding. But the the Bohemian waxwings came by on their yearly trip south. This year we lack rowan-berries, so apples had to do.

The Öland trip, 2022-10-06–09

A trip with “Tisdagsklubben” to the south of the Öland island in the middle of the migration season. A wonderful trip, that yielded eleven new “bildkryss” (species).

September, 2022

Another uninspered month. Have to get up early in the morning and join the bird watchers more often.

August, 2022

A month that stareted out very hot, humid and sunny and ended as Fall with cool temperatures and showers. Very few insects this summer, meaning certain birds have had food issues. A the bird flu has taken its toll too.

July, 2022

July has been cooler than last year and we spent a couple of weeks at the island of Gotland and visited some new places.