July, 2022

July has been cooler than last year and we spent a couple of weeks at the island of Gotland and visited some new places.

June, 2022

A good month for capturing new species. I went on two boat exceusrions into the Stockholm archipelago and a family trip to Tuscany, Italy. The latter was a holiday, so I did not bring the serious camera gear, meaning the bird photos suffered. Sadly, I dd not get a shot of the Eurasian Scops Owl (Dvärguv), but we heard it every night.

July, 2021

This post is dominated by our trip to island of Gotland, southeast of Stockholm. I’m not happy about the quality of the photos in general, blaming the often long distance, the hot weather (heat haze) and strong sun. I shoulld of course have been out early or late instead of mid day. That said, six new X’s was nice to achieve.

035 – Alkor (Auk’s)

Tobisgrissla (Cepphus grylle; Black Guillemot) Svenska Högarna, Stockholms skärgård, June 2022 . Nikon Z 7 II, handheld. NIKKOR Z 100-400/4.5- 5.6 VR S + Nikon Z TC-1.4x. Shot at 560mm, f/8, 1/3200s, ISO 2200 Bilder: https://photos.app.goo.gl/2XC5dyDEYbCb11TYAWikipedia: https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tobisgrissla Sillgrissla (Uria aalge; Common murre) Stora Karlsö, Gotland, July, 2021 Bilder: https://photos.app.goo.gl/mC4FNhxwQpCC4wD26Wikipedia: https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sillgrissla Tordmule (Alca torda; Razorbill) Stora…