April, 2021

Wish I could say Spring was here for real, but there has been night frost, low temperatures and northern winds lately. That said, the early migratory birds are showing up and the blackbirds and robins are singing.

April 2020

An unusually warm April got me out in nature a lot. Temperatures peaked at 20C, but now at the end of the month there is sleet. Here in Sweden we are encouraged to enjoy nature, despite the Corona virus, but to keep social distance – perfect for birding. The Tuesday club has been postponed, as has all other events.

037 – Duvor (Doves)

Klippduva (Columba livia; Rock dove)
Tamduva (Columba livia; Domestic pigeon)
Skogsduva (Columba oenas; Stock dove)
Ringduva (Columba palumbus; Common wood pigeon)